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Origin Story
My name is Candice




Candice Arrieta

Small Business Owner

Artist, Designer, and Content Creator of the Daily Owl Post

Pure-Blood Fangirl of Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Disney, Sailor Moon, and Studio Ghibli 

Hi friends, just a few facts about me. I began creating art at a young age, and I was fortunate to gain more skills and techniques throughout high school and college. I've always found ways to adapt, learn, and be creative throughout in all facets of life. In 2021, I fell into the magical world of Pottergram, a community of Harry Potter fans on Instagram. It has been a great outlet to make friends, share and view collections, and even create content of my own. Aside from the online realm, I love spending time with my husband and snuggling on the couch with Frodo our Boston Terrier.

So why Daily Owl Post?

In the beginning I had a hard time thinking of a clever name for my IG handle. So here's why I named it "Daily Owl Post." The simplest answer is that it's a play on words. I'm a nerd for puns, and my logo is literally an owl in the shape of a letter that flies daily.


However, if you're wordsmithing nerd like me, here's the breakdown: 

  • Daily --  Partly because IG is definitely part of my everyday life now and in my previous name I used the word "everyday," but it's too long of a word.

  • Owl --  In the books and movies, Hedwig has always been my favorite non-human character and magical creature. As creatures of the night, I've always found owls fascinating for their keen sight, sharp instincts, and silent flight. It's no wonder that it has been a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and messengers of truth. Plus fun fact, when I was born I had such big eyes my family said I looked like a little owl.

  • Post -- This one has three meanings. Creating posts on IG, connecting with others thru sending items in the post (as in mail), and this platform my post, a place where I'll stay true to myself and my artwork. 

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